So because those of us that know the trick get asked this a lot in chat, I thought I would make a quick guide on how to do this as an easy reference for others.

How you vote more than twice a day(once on each site) is fairly simple. Instead of using your full name to vote, use part of your name. So for example I will use my name MrSnouzer; If I want to make an extra vote for the day, I will use MrS and then followed by MrSn for an additional vote. Both voting sites have a maximum of 3 votes per ip per day which is a maximum of 6 votes in total.

Here's the kicker though, it is based off of a glitch with their system so you can't expect it to be perfect. ;) The name you are using to vote (in my case MrS or MrSn) have to be names of actual Minecraft accounts. So for me, MrSnouze does not work as a voting option as no one has that username in minecraft.

TLDR; Use Part of your name instead of your full name.