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Banned for being a griefer's frined

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Minecraft UserName: LaTony

Ban reason: Griefer's friend

How long is the ban?: Perm? (doesnt say the ban length)

Staff who banned you: MrSnouzer

What happened and why should you be unbanned?: I was by my firend MOBAMBA6969 when he set off some nova catalysts just outside our house, it made a pretty big hole and we didnt really know world griefing was a thing so he got banned. We asked the admin why he got banned and told him we a were just trying out the nova catalysts and didnt know it made such a big explosion after telling the admin we got banned. I didnt really do anything and just asked the reason for my friends ban and i got banned for this? I hope you take my points into consideration and think of unbanning me. Thanks, LaTony
Posted Jan 2, 19 · OP
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The reason you were all banned is because your reasoning for blowing up your base was "for mining". You were not just trying them out or mining; I was watching. You were spelling out names and then blew it up. After POIUASDF (one of your friends) insulted me, and lied to me I saw more Nova Catalysts in both of your inventories, which led me to the assumption of more griefing coming. Your ban will be lowered to 1 day though as we would like to give you another chance.
Posted Jan 2, 19 · Last edited Jan 2, 19
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